Valletta is my Orchestra

Video. Music Composition. Sound Design.

Valletta 2018 needed a short film to introduce their re-branding campaign. The video was required to present the foundation’s message: Dream, Create, Celebrate.

Valletta is my Orchestra

An Award-Winner

Valletta is My Orchestra won “Best Direction” at the 2016 Film, Art Tourism Festival in Poland.

Sound First

Valletta is without a doubt the most photographed city on the Maltese islands. This created an opportunity to look—or rather listen—to Valletta from a new angle. 

Valletta is visually intricate, taking cues from different cultures that have lived there in the last 450 years. However there is a more intricate and interesting audible layer that is often overlooked. But we listened carefully.

Valletta is my Orchestra Valletta is my Orchestra

Ian the Musician

The story revolves around Ian, a boy who visits Valletta with his grandfather. While bored waiting for his grandfather to talk to the locals, the boy notices the sounds surrounding him. He imagines that the city becomes his very own orchestra and the music is performed by its people.

Valletta is my Orchestra
Valletta is my Orchestra Valletta is my Orchestra

Sound that stirs

We composed an original soundtrack with the help of musicians from a variety of disciplines and genres. Collaborating with saxophone players, metal guitarists and indie vocalists, we created a first-of-its-kind version of the Maltese National Anthem.

Valletta is my Orchestra

From screen to live performance

We devised a concept that blurred the lines between fiction and reality to delight audiences at a live musical event. The final scene of the video was “complete” when the central character surprised viewers by appearing on stage for a live musical performance.

Valletta is my Orchestra
[We are] so happy that [we] have found your film! The Jury was impressed by the idea of your film, very good editing and of course the music.
—Jury of FilmAT, Poland
Valletta is my Orchestra

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