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Tafal is a collaborative project between ZfinMalta and Valletta 2018 narrating traditional maritime stories as interpreted by contemporary choreographers and dancers.


History Making History

Tafal over-performed across key performance indicators, confirming our belief that history has a relevant and important place in the digital sphere.

  • 340 K
    Tafal campaign reached 75% of Malta’s population
  • +11 %
    Social Media Audience Growth
  • 2 x
    Conversion Rate Compared to Average
  • +10 %
    lift in website sessions
  • +8 %
    lift in website visitors
  • 2 x
    the average international exposure

Every object has a story

The maritime stories behind this project were inspired by particular historical artefacts. Every object tells its own story which evokes its own mood, and thus, choreography and filming locations change depending on the particular object. The project is aptly named “Tafal” (in English: Clay) as the bodies of dancers, and the lens of the camera, mould stories into physical form.


A local backdrop—literally, and musically

The music used was written by local artists Kantilena, Brodu and Plato’s Dream Machine to accentuate the theme of the stories.


Custom Typography

Every story has its own identity. Inspired by the era that these stories have taken place we design a series of lettering titles which were used in each of the films.

Tafal Tafal Tafal

“It’s time to tell a new story about Malta.”

Tafal presented both technical and conceptual challenges. From filming underwater to balancing the needs of collaborating organisations (The Valletta 2018 Foundation, ZfinMalta, The Malta Maritime Museum) Tafal pushed the boundaries of interactive cultural presentations. With new artists, new approaches, and new media we are telling a new story about Malta.

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