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FoodieTV is a mobile app by Mode Media (a Top 10 US Media Property) showcasing stories at the intersection between culture and cuisine. Featuring stories from around the world, FoodieTV asked us to work on a feature about Malta, its food and people, so we met up with Marilú from Pastizzi Gourmet.


Farm to table

Siggiewi is a quaint village in the west of Malta where life is simple and the food is fresh from the fields surrounding it.

Pastizzi Pastizzi

A taste for music

This video was made with music in mind. We chose a folkish acoustic song by local band Kantilena to reflect the authenticity and warmth of the recipe and the village of Siggiewi.


Creativity in the kitchen

Against this backdrop, Marilú has managed to bring new flavours to this savoury snack—a hundred year old culinary tradition found in tea shops across the island of Malta.


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