Colour the City

Video. Music Composition. Sound Design.

Colour the City is a short film that celebrates Malta’s capital of Valletta. Our brief was to build excitement ahead of the year 2018 when Valletta becomes the European Capital of Culture.

Colour the City

Capturing Cultural Vibrancy

We wanted this film to show that diverse groups of people are adding new life to this city through artistic, musical, social and cultural contributions.

We took care to localise every aspect of this film—from the bespoke dress worn by our model (designed and produced by Gozitan designer Luke Azzopardi) to the traditional paper kite (made by one Malta’s last remaining Kitemasters, Lino Psaila).

You will also spot cameos by Tal-Kultura volunteers, the King's Own Band Club and the Kazinska septet alongside contemporary dancers and skateboarders. Finally, we included some beloved—but less obvious—Valletta landmarks, including the tiny florist shop by the National Library and the labyrinth of stairs by East Street. 

Colour the City Colour the City

A Love Song for Valletta

Colour the City was intended for a younger audience and was premiered at the Isle of MTV concert, so its soundscape needed to balance contemporary sound with Maltese elements.

We created an original song with singer/songwriter Yorika to compliment the striking visuals. We went through many versions to arrive at this final track, working remotely with Yorika (who was based in LA). With the additions of a local band club trumpet player, and many late-night phone calls with Yorika, Feel the Love was born.

Colour the City Colour the City

Storytelling with Colour

Our brief was also to create a film about Valletta that was equally compelling with and without audio. 

Valletta is a city of colours: green balconies, red carpets, blue seas. We used colour to tell the story of a city regenerating around a rich and varied history.

Colour the City